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 EU Trademark Office Rules Chinese Copies of Muck Truck to be Invalid Muck Truck Worldwide

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Muck-Truck Wins Patent/Design Registration Dispute Against Chinese Company in the European Union for Stealing Muck Truck Design and Selling Powered WheelBarrows
Orlando FL -- February 13, 2015 --  Muck Truck® Global announced today that the Trademarks and Design Office on the European Union has ruled in favor of Muck Truck against the Nantong ANT Machinery Co.,Ltd of China in a trademark and design dispute. It has been ruled that Nantong ANT infringed on the registered MUCK TRUCK product designs in the EU. The Nantong ANT registration and design have been ruled invalid and have been voided. Nantong ANT is no longer allowed to sell their Garden Loaders legally in the EU.    - Read the Full Press Release

Muck Truck - First with the concept. First with the design. Number 1 power wheelbarrows and micro dumpers in the world. Muck-truck® has proven to be the benchmark which other manufacturers try to emulate

The Muck-truck motorised wheelbarrow dumper is designed and built in the United Kingdom and delivers obvious productivity benefits to the building/hire and landscaping industry. It can carry three times that of a conventional wheelbarrow and will transport loads of up to one quarter of a ton. A reliable Commercial grade 5.5hp Honda engine powers the Muck Trucks four-wheel drive ensuring maximum traction when moving loads on wet and uneven ground .  

Muck-Truck®, as the 1st company with this concept, has proven to be a market leader in power barrow dumper trucks.  Do not be fooled by imitation Chinese copies - you pay more than you should for poor quality.

Our products are recognized globally by industries in construction, landscaping,  recreation parks, utilities sectors and by the rental user.   We offer products that  are manufactured to the highest quality and specification

The Original Muck Truck:
• Motorised Wheelbarrow
• Powered by a Honda Motor
• Gas powered OR
• Electric/battery powered

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