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Muck-Truck®: #1 Name for Powered Wheelbarrow in the world

Easily and safely carry up to 3x the load of a conventional wheelbarrow with Muck-Truck®.

All Muck-Truck® products are manufactured to the highest quality and specification, and are recognised globally in the construction, landscaping, utilities and parks & recreation sectors

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First with the concept, first with the design

Muck-Truck®: #1 name for powered wheelbarrow & micro-dumpers in the world

Designed and built in the United Kingdom, The Muck-Truck® motorised wheelbarrow dumper delivers productivity benefits to the building/hire and landscaping industry; it can carry three times the load of a conventional wheelbarrow and will easily and safely transport loads of up to one quarter of a ton.

A commercial grade 5.5hp Honda engine powers four-wheel drive ensuring maximum traction when moving loads on wet and uneven ground as well as inclines a conventional wheelbarrow just couldn’t handle.

A Muck-Truck® will pay for itself in a matter of months (vs equipment rental fees), is easy to maintain and extremely versatile. Interchangeable accessories can be swapped in a matter of seconds allowing this motorised wheelbarrow to become a towing machine, a vacuum for horse manure, leaves, etc. It even has a flat bed attachment to carry heavy and awkward items such as paving slabs.

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