This video shows how easy it is to change the accessories on our Mucktruck power wheelbarrows.

We have a large range of Accessories including:-

Muck Truck Flatbed-
For landscapers and builders who want to move pavers or bricks.
Muck Truck Tow-ball bracket-
For moving trailers, caravans and boats.
Muck Truck Snow plough
Shift the snow in either direction.
Muck Truck Ramp kit-
For filling dumpsters or skip filling safely.
Muck Truck Skip extensions-
Used to increase the sides of the bucket adding approx 3 cu/ft.

Whatever you want to move haul or carry on a landscaping project or job site we're sure to have something to make you work safer and easier with the worlds best selling micro dumpers.

Helping you the consumer to utilize your money in the most cost effective way.