The MAX Truck™ can carry 365kgs/800lbs/8cu ft and will climb a 30º slope fully loaded. The machine is fitted with the Honda GXV Commercial grade 5.5hp engine. The Tecumseh drive axle has 3 forward and 1 reverse gears.

The Muck truck pedestrian dumper is designed and built in the UK and delivers obvious productivity benefits to the building/hire and landscaping industry. It can carry three times that of a conventional wheelbarrow and will transport loads of up to one quarter of a ton. The reliable 5.5hp Honda engine powers the four-wheel drive ensuring maximum traction when moving loads on wet and uneven ground. Full range of optional accessories available.

The Max is fitted with a throttle lever that allows precise forward speed control.

Balanced weight distribution allows for easy tipping.

The Max is fitted with a parking brake and stops dead when the brake is released, should an operator fall or trip.

The Max is highly recommended by health and safety, as it increases productivity without operator fatigue.

The bucket/skip release allows you to control the emptying of the load which is ideal for control tipping of concrete.

Features of the Max Dumper

800lbs carrying capacity - 2 ½ wheelbarrow loads .

Powered by a Honda GXV (160cc) engine with a 24 month commercial warranty.

Easily maintained, is simple and safe to use.

It has 3-forward gears and 1-Reverse.

The Tecumseh transmission is sealed for life and requires no service. Completely Powder coated.

All the metal work is laser cut for a perfect finish.

Will climb 38 degrees fully loaded.

Measures 28” in width, for easy access.

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