Muck Truck - One Machine - Many Uses!

Whatever you need to move, shovel or shift - muck-truck® power wheelbarrow is the answer.

Our machines are built for the tough outdoors, helping you reach new heights. muck-truck® offers versatility with a range of interchangeable accessories, that can turn your muck-truck®
into many different tools, useful for landscapers, hardscapers, builders, and pavers.

The muck-truck® power wheelbarrow is an essential machine at the farm, the stable, or the work site, and at home - for your gardening and building projects.

Farms / Paddocks / Stables / Equestrian Centres

A necessity for stable cleaning, horse paddock maintenance, and paddock cleaning. The muck-truck® power wheel barrow is ideal for equestrian centres, alpaca paddocks, and turkey farms.


Muck-truck® Paddock Vacuum

Muck-truck® paddock vacuums are simple to operate and easy to start. The Honda engine creates a vacuum in the container to offer powerful suction through the 5" pick up hose. The 350 litre capacity container is made from high density durable plastic and empties easily by pivoting the front door open and locking it into position. The manure vacuum attachment can also be used for collecting leaves, debris, water or other waste materials. Excellent paddock cleaners, and the perfect partner for cleaning out stables and farm and paddock maintenance.

Landscaping / Gardening

The muck-truck® is light on its wheels and can be used around the yard without damaging your lawn, making it the perfect landscaping tool.


Muck-truck® Flatbed

The most popular accessory of the power barrow for landscapers and gardeners. The flat bed is perfect for all those awkward loads that cannot be easily carried in the general purpose skip. The flat bed sits above the wheels so oversized loads can be carried with ease. Use the flatbed to carry large pots, paving slabs, bags of sand/cement/compost, drainage pipes, or garden ornaments.

Muck-truck® Bucket Extensions

Bucket extensions popular with gardeners, landscapers and equestrian centres. The optional skip extension sides will fit onto the standard skip. These skip extensions provide 30% more capacity for bulk loads such as compost, manure, bark mulch, hedge cuttings, logs etc. Side extensions are available from Design.

Building / Construction

The muck-truck® is the perfect accompaniment to a mini-digger when excavating foundations for extensions at the rear of a property, where access might be from a side alley or back gate.

The muck-truck® can get into tight corners, here it squeezes alongside the trench foundation and the garden wall.

The muck-truck® is an ideal partner for concrete. As a concrete buggy, it will work alongside tumble mixers around any worksite, and allows for controlled tipping of the concrete.

Muck-truck® Loading Ramp

A 'must have' for Builders and Hire Shops.
The loading ramp, ruggedly constructed of 2x5ft sections, enables safe tipping into a skip or truck. Easy to assemble on-site by one person. The ramp folds flat for easy transportation, the micro dumper will sit neatly and securely on top of the ramp, across the width of a standard transit van.

Muck-truck® Ball-Hitch

Easily attached to replace the bucket. Can be used for trailers, caravans or boats. Can tow and pull up to a 2.5 tonne trailer in weight providing the machine still maintains traction to the surface area. Very maneuvrable and very powerful.

Muck-truck® Snow Plough

The muck-truck® becomes a piece of snow removal equipment. The snow plough is easily attached to the front of the bucket. Ideal for removing snow from pathways. The blade can be raised for maneuvering and angled to remove the snow in the desired direction.

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