Muck Truck Wins Patent/Design registration Dispute Against Chinese Company in the European Union for Stealing Muck Truck Design and Selling Powered WheelBarrows

International manufacturer wins patent dispute

Orlando FL - - February 13, 2015 - - Muck Truck® Global announced today that the Trademarks and Design Office on the European Union has ruled in favor of Muck Truck against the Nantong ANT Machinery Co.,Ltd of China in a trademark and design dispute. It has been ruled that Nantong ANT infringed on the registered MUCK TRUCK product designs in the EU. The Nantong ANT registration and design have been ruled invalid and have been voided. Nantong ANT is no longer allowed to sell their Garden Loaders legally in the EU.

"It is very sad that governments and patent offices charge so much money for registrations and patents," said Terry Rowlands, CEO of Muck Truck. "It limits the coverage and protection a new company has for unique designs and opens the door to counterfeit products and foreign companies like Nantong ANT."

"Nantong ANT stole our design," continued Rowlands, "manufactured cheap versions of the Muck Truck and sold millions of dollars of their junk to resellers in the EU. This Chinese company steals intellectual property and profits by selling junk until they get caught. It costs thousands of dollars to pursue legal action and once they lose they just move to the next product theft. In the meantime they made millions of dollars and companies in the EU, USA or Australia cannot go after these stolen profits."

MUCK TRUCK has won several lawsuits against importers who have sold these cheap Chinese products. "If you import counterfeit Chinese copies you deserve to get sued," said Rowlands. "Mucktruck will not hesitate to sue your business or go after your personal holdings if you infringe on our design rights. We have spent thousands of dollars and several years to develop our high-quality products and we intend to protect our registered designs."

Learn more and view the video showing the cheap Chinese copies
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EU Trademark Office Rules Chinese Copies of Muck Truck to be Invalid

About Muck Truck USA
Muck Truck® motorized wheelbarrows are the versatile piece of equipment perfectly suited to the commercial landscaper, farmer or the residential homeowner who engages in anything more than light outdoor work. All Muck Truck models can be fitted with interchangeable accessories in a matter of seconds - No tools are required. Muck-Truck power wheelbarrows are being used all Europe and North America.

Muck Truck Manufactures Heavy Duty Petrol and Electric-Battery Powered WheelBarrows for Landscaping, Farming or Residential Users Around the World

Powered wheelbarrow manufacturer sells directly to the public

Orlando FL - - December 11, 2014 - - Muck Truck® offers petrol and electric wheelbarrows for sale directly to the public around the world. Muck Truck manufactures powered wheelbarrows equipped with Honda petrol engines and a battery-powered "green" model for indoor usage, for those concerned about noise or engine fumes and to be used in areas where there are restrictions for petrol powered engines.

"The petrol-powered versions of Muck Truck are for sale across the UK, Europe and around the world," said Terry Rowland, CEO of Muck Truck. "Our powered wheelbarrows cut down the physical strength needed to use a wheelbarrow, enabling a broader operator pool. All Muck Truck models can be fitted with several different accessories."

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The Electric Muck-Truck
Electric MuckTruck

Muck-Truck Accessories
MuckTruck Accessories

About Muck Truck USA
Muck Truck® motorized wheelbarrows are the versatile piece of equipment perfectly suited to the commercial landscaper, farmer or the residential homeowner who engages in anything more than light outdoor work. All Muck Truck models can be fitted with interchangeable accessories in a matter of seconds - No tools are required. Muck-Truck power wheelbarrows are being used all Europe and North America.

It gives us great pleasure to present Muck Truck® with the prestigious and highly acclaimed Building and Construction Review UK ‘Product Innovation’ Award.

The concept of the motorised wheelbarrow originated many years ago when Terry Rowlands, CEO of Niche Product Sales, designed a hydraulic tipping system for the first micro-dumper introduced to the UK by Honda. Since then many designs have been put forward as it was realised that there was a need for a lighter, smoother, faster and more cost-effective machine.

In 1986 the Bizzy was developed, which had only two front drive wheels and had to be supported by an operator. Although this worked quite well, it was certainly not user friendly.

The first with the concept and design, muck-truck® has today evolved into the world’s most popular pedestrian micro-dumper and the benchmark for other manufacturers to emulate.

Designed and built here in the United Kingdom, the muck-truck® offers an array of significant productivity benefits to the building, hire and landscaping industries. It can carry three times that of a conventional wheelbarrow and has the capability to transport loads of up to a quarter of a tonne.

With its reliable commercial grade 5.5hp Honda engine that powers the flawless 4-wheel drive system, ensures that the muck-truck® maintains maximum traction on both wet and uneven grounds.

The muck-truck® also offers a comprehensive range of safety features and benefits guaranteeing ultimate user safety. Fitted with a throttle lever allowing precise speed control and balanced weight distribution for easy tipping, the muck-truck® is highly recommended by health and safety regulatory, as it increased productivity without operator fatigue.

In addition, should an operator fall or trip, the fitted parking brake is applied and stops dead once the brake is released. The muck-truck® also comes with a range of interchangeable accessories for diversity and functionality.

Now successful across four continents worldwide, the success behind muck-truck is the continued research and development, and listening to customer feedback. The muck-truck® will pay for itself in approximately 20 weeks in hire shop charges, making it not only excellent to operate, but perfect for saving costs.

Customer Comments

" Excellent little dumper. No more wheelbarrows.“

" I have had my muck-truck™ about four years, it has been a very useful piece of equipment."

" The muck-truck™ is the perfect tool for our job.“

" A brilliant piece of kit that has done an enormous amount of work over the last five years. We cannot speak highly enough of it. It is simple to use, easy to maintain and very economical.“

" Very good, I don't go anywhere without it."

" Excellent all round, very pleased.“

" We bought a muck-truck ™ to help us out around the yard. Our yard starts at the street and climbs 165° at a 15% grade! We needed some help moving compost, mulch, and topsoil. We used our muck-truck ™ for just about everything we use to do by hand with a wheelbarrow. The flatbed accessory is awesome too... we used that to move 96 60# cement stepping stones and 500 bricks for a patio. In the fall we use it to move firewood from the street to the basement. The uses are endless! We love our muck-truck ™ !"


Voted Preferred Supplier for National Hire Shops
Hire shops such as Brandons, HSS Hire, Jewsons and Hire Centre, the UK's largest tool and equipment hire chains, are now stocking the muck-truck® power wheelbarrow and its accompanying skip loading ramp providing availability across the UK and Europe. The companies have brought in the product after investigating a gap in the hire market for a motorised compact machine capable of moving building materials and aggregate with ease. This product will also complement other products in the hire range such as the Mini Skidsteers and small Excavators.

Derrick Purvis, HSS Product Marketing Manager, commented: "We know from past experience that muck-truck® power wheelbarrow offers top build quality and reliability. We also know that there is growing demand for this tough workhorse."

Another successful year at the IOG SALTEX exhibition - Windsor
Visitors to this year's IOG SALTEX exhibition were impressed by the practical demonstrations of the muck-truck® power wheelbarrow.

Terry Rowlands, Managing Director of Deesign Partnership Ltd commented "muck-truck® combated a range of site conditions to once again prove the versatility and power of its practical design."

"Muck-truck® power wheelbarrow continues to be invaluable in helping to avoid and reduce the occurrence of manual handling accidents and bad backs on site. Health and Safety legislation calls for a reduction in the dependency on manual labour for lifting and loading, and the muck-truck offers a solution that really works."

The pallet-lift works as a sack truck. When the forks are under the pallet the pallet-lift is tipped backwards and at the same time it hoists the forks (as a little forklift truck) so that the pallet is fully freed from the foundation.

Where can you see the muck-truck®?

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