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Construction & Building Sites

Whether you are moving bags of concrete or rubble, nothing beats having a powered wheelbarrow at the ready. Our Muck-Trucks give you the ability to move loads that you can do by yourself rather than using a truck or several other workers. Unlike a truck, you are able to move a powered wheelbarrow on almost any terrain and even through small spaces. Our Muck-Trucks make your life easy and are perfect for residential construction or contractors.

Suitable Muck-Trucks

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(+44) 01566 777 140

Our Muck-Trucks have been designed to reduce strain and heavy lifting which is an essential when working within the construction industry. It also eliminates unnecessary challenges as the Muck-Truck is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and can move through difficult terrain around the building site.

When compared to using a normal wheelbarrow the Muck-Truck will speed up productivity whilst considerably reducing operator fatigue making it a worthwhile investment on a construction site.

One of the attractions of the Muck-Truck is its versatility. There are various accessories that can be easily attached to all of the Muck-Truck range such as a flatbed attachment that can help with awkward loads on the site. There are also other accessories which are ideal for skip loading, moving heavy materials and even wet cement straight from the cement mixer.


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