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First with the Concept - First with the design

The concept of the motorised wheelbarrow originated when Terry Rowlands (Designer & Owner of Muck-truck) designed a hydraulic tipping system for the first mini dumper introduced into the UK by Honda. The Honda HP400 powered carrier was sold through the existing dealer network and the concept of mini dumpers was then recognised in the industry for hire along-side mini diggers.

Terry has always been interested and involved with Designing new innovative products. Growing up on a Farm and working for a large garden tractor manufacturer as a Demonstration Driver and progressed on to be a designer of Construction and Lawn mowing equipment.

We soon realised there was a need for a lighter, smoother, faster and cost-effective mini dumper that was available in the market place, hence the first motorised wheelbarrow (Bizzy) was developed by Terry in 1986. The first machine had only two front-drive wheels and had to be supported by the operator. Although it worked quite well it was certainly not as user-friendly as the current power barrows, it wasn't too long before the first pedestrian motorised wheelbarrow (mini-dumper) was designed.

Since 1993 the Muck-Truck® has evolved to become the world's most popular pedestrian mini-dumper. Muck-Truck®'s success secret is due to constant research, development and listening to our customers' feedback.

Manufacturing the largest range and most reliable machines in the industry has kept the Muck-Truck® company as the world leader in motorised wheelbarrows for 36 years.

Our Max-truck design has not been changed/altered since 2008, which proves the durability and reliability of the machine, therefore our Max-truck has become our most popular and best-selling machine worldwide.

As a growing company, we are adding two new Electric Powered Machines to Muck-truck range to keep the Company ahead of the competition and to help with the environmental issues currently being raised. To be launched in May 2022.

About us

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