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TO: All Muck-Truck®

/max dumper™ prospective customers

FROM: Niche Product Sales, LLC.

DATE: November 10, 2008

RE: Copyright and Trademark Infringement Warning

We are providing a warning to all Niche Product Sales, LLC prospective customers about

current copyright and trademark infringement.

Be advised of other companies, such as Power Barrow, who we are currently taking legal

action against for infringing on our product and design rights.

We want to inform you that purchasing a product from Power Barrow after the courts decide we

have full rights will create the following issues.

Power Barrow will be restricted from:

Upholding warranty and service

Providing replacement parts or accessories

Selling, marketing, or producing an infringing product

Your awareness and protection is very important to us. For any questions or issues please call

upon us to help you.


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