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Power Barrow 4WD (Battery powered)

It doesn’t cost the earth to move it!


The new electric Power Barrow is Muck-Truck’s latest invention which features a four wheel drive that makes it easy to manoeuvre and the bucket tips electronically by a touch of a button.

This new feature reduces physical strain and the chance of injury, meaning the number of sick days is likely to decrease, resulting in lower overheads and increased profit margins.

It can carry 365kgs/800lbs/8cu ft and will climb up a hill with ease.

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  • Model: Power Barrow 4WS
  • Power: 2 x 12 Volts Battery/1400 Watts
  • Transmission: Metalrota Electric Transmission
  • Speed: 0 – 4.00 mph variable speed
  • Capacity: 8 cu/ft - 800lbs/365kg carrying capacity
  • Noise rating: 5 dB
  • Parking Brake: Electromagnetic release
  • Wheels: Front 16x6.50-8, Rear 16x6.50-8 (4 ply tractive)
  • Dimensions: L64 inches x W30 inches x H38 inches
  • Weight: 265kg
  • Traction: 4 Wheel Drive
  • Charging time: 80% (4 hrs.), 100% (6 hrs.)
  • Continuously Run Time: 3.5 Hrs
  • Working Hours: 8 Hrs

The Power Barrow is battery powered by 2 x 12 volt batteries (24 volt system) so that the power output for climbing and/or carrying materials is as good as the engine powered machines.

What makes the Power Barrow unique from the other powered wheelbarrows is the electric tipping which makes emptying the skip/bucket easier by pushing a button. The steering is controlled by the front end of the pivot which makes it much easier to manoeuvre and the two powered axles give direct drive to the wheels (no linkage or chains).

Plus there is more carrying capacity because it is a true 8 cubic foot, 365kg barrow, unlike claims made by some of our competitors for their products.

It can carry transport loads of up to 365kg which is three times more than a conventional wheelbarrow and has the same strengths that you have come to expect from the Muck-Truck range.

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