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Heavy Duty & Gardening

Gardening Wheelbarrow

Heavy Duty & Gardening

Moving compost, tools and other materials from one part of the garden to the other can be a back breaking chore. You may have to make several trips or need extra pairs of hands to carry these items to and from where you need it. Our Muck-Trucks will make your life easier as not only can it carry multiple loads at once but you will also find it easy to move around your garden without straining yourself.

Suitable Muck-Trucks

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(+44) 01566 777 140

There are fantastic accessories which can easily be attached to any of our Muck-Trucks. The flatbed accessory is the most popular for gardeners and landscapers as they are ideal for those awkward loads that cannot easily be carried to the skip. Another great accessory is the bucket extension which is perfect in carrying bulk loads of compost, mulch, hedge cutting and many other garden materials.

You have the ability to carry and manoeuvre and lot more around the garden than you would if you had a regular wheelbarrow. You don’t need to worry about ruining your lawn as our Muck-Trucks are light on their wheels so you can work in the garden without a worry.

Flat surfaces, bumpy surfaces, grassy surfaces and inclines, the four wheel design of our Muck-Truck provides improved stability for handling large loads in a variety of conditions, it will quickly become your best friend in the garden or landscape. Another fantastic feature is that the Muck-Truck is easy to dump with the pull of a lever or touch of a button making it nearly effortless to get the load lifted.


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